Crypto finance

Safe cryptocurrency investment solution

Crypto finance

Safe cryptocurrency investment solution


Dangers of scamcoin

Cryptocurrency can be developed by anyone and listed on the exchange.

This is called Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Currently, there are over 10,000 alt coins registered on global cryptocurrency exchanges.

To stand out among so many cryptocurrencies, some developers dazzle investors with ridiculously high returns or plausible storytelling.

When investors gather and cryptocurrency prices soar, developers with the largest amount often unexpectedly sell and "eat and run".

Cryptocurrency, where the sale bomb exploded, produces numerous victims who suffered enormous losses. The act of attracting investment by deceiving investors with information that is not true like this is called a ‘scam’, and the cryptocurrency used here is called a scam coin.

Cryptocurrency has a market problem that makes the market turbid despite its great growth. In the future, if there is a device that can block such evils in advance when making cryptocurrency or investing in cryptocurrency

it will be a better option for investor protection and transparency in the cryptocurrency market.

Problem Solving

The concept of DeFi

DeFi is an abbreviation of Decentralized Finance, which means decentralized finance or decentralized finance.

It mainly works by taking out a certain amount of loans with cryptocurrency as collateral, or by providing other collateral and borrowing cryptocurrency.

DeFi enables transactions through a distributed network without interference from the central government, central bank, or large corporations, so in places where governance is weak and authoritarianism is strong, users often use it for the purpose of protecting their property.

For example, Venezuelans use bitcoin to protect their assets from government operations and hyperinflation.

DeFi can provide financial services with a very intuitive app without a complex structure like a conventional centralized system, so it can be developed at a very low cost.


NFT Introduction

The concept of NFT

NFT means ‘non-fungible token’ and is based on blockchain technology. It refers to a virtual asset that cannot be replaced with another token in the blockchain.

The history of NFT

The origin of NFT is said to be ‘Crypto Kitties’, developed by startup Dapper Labs in 2017.

Characteristic of NFT

Thanks to smart contracts, there is no need for notaries, real estate agents, advisors, applicants, and numerous other intermediaries.



About Crypto finance

What if Crypto finance?

Crypto finance operate their own DeFi platform and NFT platform to form a Crypto finance ecosystem with tokens and coins with real growth value.

The goal is to create a sound investment market, so that all unnecessary procedures of DeFi and NFT, which were previously encountered in difficult ways, are removed and simplified to provide low entry barriers to numerous potential customers and to make good projects easier to access. It is a project that aims to create.


Currently, the cryptocurrency market is showing very great growth, but in contrast, there are no proper regulations.

Accordingly, many crypto projects are causing many victims by conducting false white papers that are impossible and by guaranteeing high returns for a short period of time.

The Crypto finance will create an ecosystem of Crypto Bay where investors can see the value of the project for a long time and invest with confidence, and set up an ecosystem-based exchange.

Place of Crypto finance

1. DeFi Platform

2. NFT exchange

3. SPOT exchange

The value of Crypto finance

1) The Crypto finance will be used as the key cryptocurrency on DeFi and NFT's own platform, and is responsible for the fees for all transactions made within the platform. The Crypto finance generated from the transaction fee will be burned by 20%, and the value of the Crypto finance will rise sharply as the ecosystem expands.

2) Tokens and coins added to the ecosystem are airdrops to holders who hold Crypto finance, and the benefits to these holders are not only for existing Crypto finance holders, but also for new tokens and coins added to the ecosystem. It helps to attract investors.

3) You can earn interest by depositing Crypto finances on the DeFi platform.

4) You can participate in various launchpads (IEOs) by using Crypto finance s in a cryptocurrency exchange based on the Crypto finance ecosystem, and the Crypto finance participating in the launchpad will be incinerated by 1%.

5) When withdrawing cryptocurrency from a Crypto finance exchange, you need a Crypto finance that matches the fee, and 20% of the Crypto finance used for the fee will be burned.

6) Each quarter, 20% of the exchange's revenue is burned after the Crypto finance is bought back. Given the existence of the basic business model above, Crypto finances have sufficient value and can form higher prices.

Token Allocation

Token Information

Token Name
Crypto finance coin
Token Symbol
Token Platform
Token Cap


Token Allocation

10,000,000,000 CTFC
10,000,000,000 CTFC
Marketing & Partner
10,000,000,000 CTFC
20,000,000,000 CTFC
Total Issurance
50,000,000,000 CTFC


  • Listing

    2022. 3Q

    Global Exchange Listing

  • NFT Opens

    2022. 4Q

    NFT, DEFI Platform Opens and Listing Additional Exchange

  • CTFC expanding

    2023. 1Q

    Expanding the CTFC ecosystem

  • Exchange opens

    2023. 2Q

    CTFC SPOT Excnahge Opens

  • New Roadmap

    2023. 3Q

    Announcing a new roadmap